Digitally Engage Members with Mobile Technology

Friday, December 17, 2021 | By Jeff Arnold, Director

Digitally Engage Members with Mobile Technology

In a recently conducted survey, SS&C learned that 90% of surveyed Australian super fund members prefer digital and electronic communication regarding their superannuation accounts. Technology plays a critical role in reaching members with meaningful interactions. One area of significant opportunity is through mobile communication. Consumers spend upwards of three to four hours a day on their smartphones, meaning that mobile access with a responsive interface is a must-have.

However, developing a mobile app in-house is expensive and can take years to complete. A faster and more cost-effective way to provide your members with the latest mobile technology is to partner with a specialist that invests in a modern, flexible and scalable platform.

The SS&C mobile app for super funds provides you with a new channel to strengthen member engagement and retention. Available for both iOS and Android, the app allows members to access their secure account information as well as a suite of tools and information. Members can view current and historical balances for multiple accounts including super and pensions, their contributions, transaction history and fees. The app also allows them to notify their fund of a change in employment, update their contact details and contact their fund by email or phone.

SS&C’s best-in-class security measures include secure login with username and password, two-factor authentication and the option to enable a six-digit device PIN or Face ID to access accounts quickly and securely.

To learn more about how the SS&C mobile app for super funds can help you connect with your members through digital and electronic communication, download the "Grow your Customer Engagement with the SS&C Mobile Application" brochure.

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