Digitizing your investor onboarding experience

Thursday, August 22, 2019 | By Johnathan Marr CPA, CFA, Director, e-Investor

Digitizing your investor onboarding experience

In today’s environment, there are various key challenges associated with capital raising.  Our experts have found that up to 80% of documents submitted by investors contain errors requiring remediation when onboarding an investor into a fund.

Many of these errors are due to the manual nature of the forms, leaving room for endless possibilities for how and where mistakes or misinterpretations can be made within a document. Luckily, there are solutions to streamlining your investor onboarding experience.

When looking at the process today, there are 5 key challenges to reducing inefficiencies and increasing the life cycle of investor onboarding:

  1. Document complexity – the primary driver of low completion rates for manual documents is when investors must wade through and understand the logic sequencing before finishing.

To learn about the other four challenges and how to address them all with industry best practices, download our webinar.

In this webinar, our experts address the industry-wide challenges in the capital-raising process, where we see the industry trending with today’s digital ecosystems, and demonstrate how our digital solution, e-Investor, can help you stay current in this evolving environment.

You’ll also learn how e-Investor helps you mitigate errors and:

  • Adds transparency to your capital-raising process
  • Reduces risk around data collection and transaction management
  • Collects investor documentation for AML/KYC and FATCA/CRS compliance

Download our webinar “How to Digitize your investor onboarding experience: An Introduction to E-Investor to learn why organizations are choosing to digitize their investor experience.

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