Five benefits of full-service software hosting by the software experts

Tuesday, November 3, 2020 | By Munther Haddad, Vice President, Head of Global Outsourcing Services, SS&C Institutional & Investment Management

Five benefits of full-service software hosting by the software experts

The wealth and investment management industry faces multiple significant challenges at the same time—from market volatility and fee pressure to remote operational effectiveness and business continuity preparedness. As a result, many industry firms are looking at software and infrastructure-hosting services as a way to reduce their IT footprint and overhead, improve agility, make operational improvements, and gain time to focus on core business and strategic pursuits. But what exactly do software and infrastructure hosting services involve, and which option is best?

Once a firm buys a software solution from a vendor or publisher, it can deploy it on-premise, in the cloud or through a full-service offering.

  • On-premise software installation requires in-house data centers and IT staff for software administration.
  • Third-party “cloud” installations, such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Rackspace, provide server space to host the solution, but the client must still dedicate IT staff to the software administration.
  • A full-service hosting service provides both the off-site data center and the IT staff to operate and administer the solution.              

An efficient and effective technology infrastructure is critical to every businesses’ success, but handling the day-to-day tasks of monitoring and administering the technical environment can consume resources and reduce productivity throughout your operations organization. With full-service hosting services provided by the software developer, such as SS&C, firms gain five significant advantages over deployed or third-party hosted cloud solutions:

  1. Workflow automation—Experts review processes, identify tasks for automation and engineer the changes to improve operations and free up valuable resources for other tasks. Identifying pain points and designing an efficient and scalable workflow is key.
  2. Monitoring—24x7 monitoring of automated jobs ensures that daily/overnight deliverables are met.

In addition to establishing the automated workflow, our experts also monitor it on an ongoing basis, making sure all tasks run to completion without exception. If any issues do arise, our team resolves them.

  1. Free software upgrades—Keeping software up-to-date with the latest release and version can be challenging and time-consuming. Our team ensures the latest versions of software are always running.
  2. Support—Experienced staff who know your products are on hand to resolve issues quickly and professionally. Other third-party hosting providers/cloud services do not necessarily have any expertise with the hosted products, whereas the SS&C hosting team understands the products with which they work, and their proper installation and configuration settings.
  3. SSAE 18 certification—Regular audits make sure data is secure and protected, information and services are readily available, and systems are performing their functions correctly.

Full-service hosting also brings advantages across business continuity processes (BCP) and system uptime, through built-in redundancy, as well as the software expertise and workflow knowledge to deliver robust BCP that third-party providers can’t match. Additionally, full-service hosting delivers scalability and bandwidth through institutional-strength platforms and technologies, and flexibility through virtual servers like VMWare or Microsoft Hyper-V. Disaster recovery services are strong and standard with each SS&C hosted installation.

Exploring the options for software deployment and the advantages of full-service hosting services is essential for any business looking to enhance its operations and future standing.

Our dedicated, experienced SS&C Hosting Services team can manage the technical infrastructure with expert knowledge and understanding of our software products and the markets we serve—we provide the whole package. Our best-of-breed data center leverages the latest platforms and virtualization and delivers 24x7 monitoring, full disaster recovery, biometric security, fire protection and more. We conduct workflow analysis and develop a customized hosting solution for each client’s specific requirements to suit your business strategy, needs and budget. Find out more in our "SS&C Hosting Services" brochure, and when you would like to speak, please contact us.

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