Five Reasons Organizations and Employees Both Love Webinars

Monday, March 21, 2022 | By Lauren Jack, Senior Director

Five Reasons Organizations and Employees Both Love Webinars

Organizations have options for educating and training employees, from in-person and virtual instructor-led classes to self-study eLearning and online resources. Different organizations take different approaches based on their size, culture and business requirements, and webinars are usually in the mix. Why? Webinars offer a convenient way to communicate live with employees or as a recording for future on-demand viewing.

Five key benefits of webinars include:

  1. Efficient & Convenient: A webinar has the power to connect people across an organization to share knowledge, resources and information. Whether working from home, on a lunch break at a café or at their desk, employees can join a webinar from any location, saving time and effort to travel to a specific conference venue or office. For companies with a large employee base, webinars save on the effort required to bring everyone together at the same time. Lastly, webinars are easily recorded, enabling an even wider audience to fit the training session into their own schedule.
  2. Current Content: It is an exciting time as new investment vehicles and tools continually emerge alongside advancements in technology. However, this can also mean heavy internal maintenance on employee training programs in order to keep up with this dynamic industry. Webinars facilitated by industry experts can cover the latest information within a topic area to bring employees up to speed with new technology, familiarize them with innovative trends, and overall raise the bar for content integrity within employee training programs.
  3. Employee Engagement: A live webinar presentation encourages audiences to pay greater attention as there are opportunities to actively participate. The options to chat, vocalize opinions, ask questions and answer questions provide the audience with a voice in the conversation. Webinars are interactive by design and even more opportunities are available through live polling, whiteboarding, breakout rooms and Q&A.
  4. Access to Industry Experts: Webinars connect audiences with experts, providing employees with an opportunity to get real-time feedback from those who have a thorough understanding of the topic.
  5. Cost-Effective: The cost of running a webinar is significantly lower than hosting a traditional conference or in-person training session. Since webinars are not restricted to a specific location, stakeholders based in other cities or even countries can attend, eliminating the need to gather attendees centrally or have a trainer travel to multiple locations.

It is worth mentioning that while webinars are an essential component of any training strategy, they’re also time-consuming to create and require specific and deep expertise on a particular topic. For this reason, many organizations are choosing to outsource the facilitation of webinars to the SS&C Learning Institute. Our webinar offerings are delivered by a robust cadre of industry-leading subject matter experts and cover a wide variety of topics, from key regulatory updates and new investment vehicles to trending topics such as ESG investing and crypto.

Download the "On-Demand Webinars" brochure today to explore popular webinar topics and see how outsourcing to industry experts can bring value to your employee education offering.

To learn more about the SS&C Learning Institute, please visit our Training Solution page.

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