Four questions every property manager asks about facilities management software

Wednesday, May 1, 2019 | By Garrett Keller and Gail Graham-Pavlina

Four questions every property manager asks about facilities management software

Regardless of the type or size of the properties you manage, strategic management of your maintenance operation should be a high priority. Efficient management and control of your facilities could be the difference between revenue growth and revenue stagnation. The best way to gain control over your maintenance operation is through the use of a mobile-compatible facilities management software solution.  But how do you know the benefits of a facilities management solution will apply to you?

How does a facilities management solution make staff more efficient?

When a facilities management solution integrates with a tenant portal, it saves time for staff by reducing call volume and data input. Rather than taking calls from tenants and manually entering data to create work orders, employees will simply receive the service requests that tenants have entered through the portal, which integrates and syncs automatically with the core property management system. The management company has the ability to assign service requests directly to in-house maintenance staff and external service providers such as plumbers and electricians using mobile work order dispatch functionality.

Why should I switch to paperless work orders?

Going paperless isn’t just about the environment. Paperless work orders also enhance recordkeeping and communication. Instead of maintenance staff taking time out of their day to pick up work orders, they receive the request and any additional instructions directly to their mobile devices. This type of mobile solution also allows maintenance staff to record notes from the field electronically, which then sync automatically to the core property management system. This eliminates the need for them to write notes on paper and ask office staff to update the record later. In addition to notes about the work being performed, paperless work orders can track time and materials for each work order, which will allow management to generate reports using those data points.

How will my tenants benefit from a tenant portal?

Implementing a facilities management solution with a tenant portal gives your tenants greater control and visibility of the status of their service requests. Tenants can initiate a service request themselves whenever it's convenient, rather than calling the office during business hours. The electronic request includes details about the nature of the issue and provides permission for maintenance staff to enter the premises if the tenant authorizes. A portal also gives tenants a convenient way to check the status of a request in real time, so they don’t have to call the management office.

What is the ROI of a facilities management software solution?

A facilities management software solution can help lower repair costs by letting you schedule preventative maintenance on your properties to avoid costlier repairs down the road. With preventative maintenance scheduling, you will receive alerts and reminders, making sure nothing slips through the cracks. You can also schedule inspections of fixed assets and receive alerts prior to their warranty expirations. This enables you to request replacement parts while they are still under warranty, which saves money and extends the life of that asset. A facilities management solution  integrated with your accounting system also provides greater control of tenant chargeback payment collection. When a tenant is responsible to pay for a service request, the work order costs can be tracked in the system and seamlessly charged to the tenant’s account.

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