Gaining Operational Efficiency With Effective Treasury Management

Wednesday, October 26, 2022 | By Jon Anderson, Global Head of Middle Office

Gaining Operational Efficiency With Effective Treasury Management

As part of our middle-office podcast series, we hosted a podcast to discuss what clients need in a treasury management platform, and how incorporating real-time data and a range of middle-office operational services into the solution can help optimize returns.

Treasury management includes cash and foreign exchange management, financing leverage, collateral and exposure management—high middle-office functions that are secondary to primary trading in a portfolio but can have a meaningful impact on investment returns. Clients need middle-office operational services to manage things like payments processing, wires, trade matching and corporate actions management. Choose a treasury management platform that can help you verify accounting and position data, and use it to optimize ROI. SS&C combines those functions into a single platform, and manages and verifies the quality of the data we supply to clients.

Cash management is an important part of any treasury management solution. Clients need real-time data and direct feeds, as well as customizable views. Data flexibility allows clients to build their own displays to create something intuitive and useful to them. SS&C’s scalable platform receives data constantly, meaning that even the largest clients can quickly build reports using data from thousands of accounts and tens of thousands of trades each day.

Finding the right treasury management platform can help you meet regulatory requirements and maximize returns. To learn more about the SS&C Treasury Management solution, listen to the full "SS&C Middle Office Series - Treasury Management" podcast or download the "Treasury Management" brochure.

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