Hold my data, please! Managing your Real Assets data in the age of COVID-19

Wednesday, October 21, 2020 | By Jonathan O’Donnell, Director, Global Real Assets

Hold my data, please! Managing your Real Assets data in the age of COVID-19

This summer, I attended the 2020 NCREIF Virtual Summer Conference, and aside from COVID-19, the second most popular topic raised in every session was data management.  Panelists from some of the largest investment firms in the Real Assets industry were lamenting how their jobs had shifted in recent months, almost completely away from investment management and towards data management.  Instead of researching and assessing new deals, they now find themselves coordinating efforts with their property and operating managers to expand their data sets and increase the frequency of their data updates.  They’re working closely with their IT departments, researching vendors to expand their data collection and analysis capabilities, and re-assessing their data governance policies.

The pandemic has placed a new set of demands on an industry that has traditionally struggled with data management.  While a digital transformation had begun prior to COVID-19, the pandemic has greatly accelerated the need for solutions to allow Real Asset investors to manage the large amounts of disparate data they need to evaluate their investments.  The need for more data, more frequently, also has firms facing the question of how to meet these demands with COVID-19 producing budget constraints for adding resources and enhancing their legacy systems.

As the largest alternative asset administrator and a technology solutions firm, SS&C is constantly thinking about ways to offer best-in-class services and solutions to our existing and prospective clients.  Our Data Services team offers Real Assets investment managers with an end-to-end data management and reporting solution that uses our proprietary CORE-SightLine technologies to bring together accounting and operational data, providing managers with the information required to make faster, more informed decisions.  Our experienced team works closely with clients to optimize their data management, streamline their reporting process, and build a partnership for managing their data needs as they evolve. 

To learn more about our Real Assets Data Services, download our “Real Assets - Data Management and Analytics Reporting Services" brochure.

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