How SS&C’s SKYLINE hosting services help clients achieve operational resiliency

Thursday, May 14, 2020 | By Evan Schmidtt, General Manager

How SS&C’s SKYLINE hosting services help clients achieve operational resiliency

Real estate management companies face the new reality of working remotely.  Even though physical offices have been closed, work needs to continue and companies need to remotely and securely access operational and accounting systems in order to meet the needs of their clients and tenants.  

In response to these changes, businesses have the opportunity to forge stronger, long-term relationships with their suppliers, partners and customers by delivering value and meeting expectations without any disruptions. In order to support this remote-work reality, businesses are now understanding the tremendous amount of time, expertise and expense that is required to effectively support durable and secure remote operations.

As a full-time hosting service provider, SS&C understands what is needed to provide effective business continuity on a large scale and the continued level of focused resources and heavy investment in technology that is needed. Our hosting services for Skyline leverage the same infrastructure as the rest of SS&C’s global business, which ensures that our services are resilient, scalable and highly available. New investments and innovations are a constant focus and key to why SS&C stands out from the crowd; recent examples are SS&C’s global hyper-converged network and back-end computing infrastructure.  

Helping our customers maintain business continuity is a high priority. In addition to hosting services, Skyline can also provide assistance with certain business functions such as ACH/online rent payments, recording payables & receivables, preparing monthly bank account reconciliations, financial statements, and budget vs. actual reports.

For more information on SKYLINE hosting and services and how we can future-proof your operations, please contact us.

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