How technology is evolving to drive value in investment operations & accounting

Thursday, October 10, 2019 | By Scott Kurland, Global Head of Product Marketing for Singularity

How technology is evolving to drive value in investment operations & accounting

In today’s environment of razor-thin and ever-shrinking margins, investment firms face increasing pressure to optimize their middle and back-office operations. One of the keys to achieving this optimization lies in the use of innovative new technologies such as AI and Machine Learning. AI-driven technologies can achieve levels of scale, automation and efficiency in investment accounting and operations that cannot be attained with traditional technologies. Solutions that leverage AI to improve the quality, cost and timeliness of middle and back-office processes are continuously evolving to become smarter and more efficient. SS&C Singularity™ is a prime example.

SS&C Singularity, the industry’s first smart, AI-driven investment operations and accounting platform, has been built from the ground up with machine learning, intelligent workflow automation, predictive analytics and other advanced technologies to eliminate manual processes, increase operational efficiency and reduce operational cost. A single, cloud-based system that replaces multiple siloed applications, Singularity actually learns from user behavior to become smarter over time.

In addition to the growing intelligence Singularity achieves through user interaction, we continually infuse the system with disruptive new technologies. These enhancements make the system even smarter and more efficient in supporting an exceptionally wide range of asset types and financial services business models.

The latest version of Singularity exploits the power of:

  • Natural language processing as a tool to automate the collection, scanning, parsing and processing of non-standardized bank loan event notices, enabling users to easily verify or edit key data elements.
  • Predictive analytics that populate suggested data values and associated confidence levels for user review, approval or modification, thereby reducing the overhead of manual data entry.
  • Enhanced yield analytics that provide finance and accounting teams with deeper context and insight and around key variables driving financial reporting variances from one period to the next.
  • Configurable accounting rules wizard offering clients the ability to efficiently add new, customizable accounting bases, and rapidly adapt or adhere to changing accounting standards.

SS&C Singularity is dedicated to maintaining its position as a technology innovation leader in middle and back-office solutions for the financial services industry. To learn more, and see these latest features in action, join us for a special webinar Tuesday, October 22nd from 10:30 - 11:15 am (Eastern time). Register Here

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