Improving strategic investment decisions with enhanced data

Monday, October 1, 2018 | By Peter Martinis

Improving strategic investment decisions with enhanced data

In today’s fast-paced business environment, institutions and market participants expect to have reliable, actionable, data at their fingertips. Our clients rely on SVC, our external data aggregation platform, to deliver accurate, complete and timely corporate action information and fundamental data no fewer than three times per business day – morning, afternoon and evening.

SVC is designed to provide a single point of access to an extensive network of data providers and seamlessly integrate with portfolio management platforms and related systems. As technological advancements and industry shifts drive our clients to transform operations and adopt new ways of doing business, we continuously invest in improving our solutions to make sure they are flexible and effective in helping you respond to modern demands.

SS&C recently added ICE Data Service’s APEX Corporate Action Service to our SVC solution to provide more timely and complete coverage of market events to help you make strategic investment decisions with greater ease.

APEX delivers award-winning data for use with trade setup, pre-trade compliance, trade settlement and reporting, risk management, compliance and audit activities. APEX also facilitates centralization of reference data for more reliable aggregation and reporting at the enterprise level through a format and frequency that conforms to existing workflows.

SS&C SVC  Managed Market Data Solution offers a single, cost-effective data feed for a comprehensive range of asset classes. The data is aggregated from multiple sources, validated, enriched and directly fed into SS&C’s portfolio of investment management platforms and third-party solutions.

To learn more about SVC, please contact us SOLUTION@SSCINC.COM.

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