Increase efficiency with a single solution for asset allocators

Wednesday, October 6, 2021 | By Toni Nientied, Director

Increase efficiency with a single solution for asset allocators

Whether managing endowments, pension plans, trusts, foundations or family offices, asset allocators need a consolidated view and analysis of their complex portfolios. Disparate systems, outdated technologies, data security and rapid growth in the industry can create significant challenges for asset allocators. As organizations look for ways to increase efficiency, one approach is to find a platform that consolidates all data in a single location.

By keeping everything in one system, there’s no need to worry about the efficiency or security of communication between systems. Additionally, as reporting requirements and complexity continue to increase, maintaining a single system is simpler and less costly than maintaining multiple systems.

Our FundHub platform is a reporting and analytical tool for performance measurement, liquidity and exposure analysis to help asset allocators manage all of their data in a single location. The technology coupled with SS&C’s operational expertise gives asset allocators the tools they need. As the world’s largest fund administrator, SS&C is uniquely qualified to help you manage and evaluate your traditional, alternative and private investments.

Our Asset Allocator Platform offers a suite of features, including:

  • Fund/Data Aggregation & Analysis – a consolidated view of fund and SMA investments.
  • Document Management – SS&C collects and stores all related documents.
  • Operational Support – service team collects, reconciles and processes all data.
  • Multiple Reporting Streams – transition through ABOR and IBOR reporting.
  • Fee Validation – fee capture and reporting.

Choosing a solution like Asset Allocator Platform will allow you to achieve greater efficiency while reducing costs, giving your front office a feature-rich solution to effectively manage complex portfolios.

If you are a fund of funds or an investor allocating to a diverse group of asset managers, this will be an excellent service solution that scrubs your data and provides analytical insights into your portfolio.

To learn more about how SS&C can help you with data aggregation while you focus on portfolio construction and management, download our "Asset Allocator Service Platform Coupled with FundHub Technology" brochure.

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