Innovation and Leadership at Annual NICSA GMM

Monday, November 7, 2022 | By SS&C Technologies

Innovation and Leadership at Annual NICSA GMM

Technology innovation, fintech challenges, and industry leadership were some of the highlights of the annual NICSA General Member Meeting in Boston last week.

SS&C spoke on a panel about fintech disruptors and whether the cutting-edge technologies making the headlines are gaining mindshare and receiving budgets at top asset management firms. Organizations are still struggling to scale technology to create value within their organizations. Meanwhile the combination of macro-economic conditions and the labor shortage has put further pressure on trying to meet client needs in a timely manner.

The range of fintech technologies that are ready to create value continues to evolve beyond AI/ML, Blockchain, Cloud, and Data (intelligent automation has become a mainstream need for organizations to explore, implement, and scale). The panelists urged the audience to trust the process and pursue new technologies with an open mind. The industry can point to multiple use cases that demonstrate how these technologies can benefit an organization. For instance, a reduction in processing times, which in turn frees up time and allows an organization to be more responsive and focus on higher value-add items. Transforming customer experience is still a key pillar of strategy.

When the panelists were asked for their top takeaway, they were unanimous in their response, “Don’t be fearful.” Some of the advice they imparted included: finding the right problems to solve, being open to new technology, and making sure that you are either getting on the journey, are moving your journey forward, or scaling your journey.

Also at this year’s GMM, two of our thought leaders were recognized with NICSA’s annual awards. Anne Duduch, Principal Client Relationship Executive, received the Strategic Leadership Award, recognizing her demonstrated excellence through cutting-edge thought leadership and contribution to the asset management industry. Duduch is the voice of the client as she identifies opportunities related to products and services. She has also demonstrated leadership within NICSA itself, having served on the board and advocating for NICSA participation among her peers, challenging others to get involved.

Sarah Mahmoud, Managing Consultant, received the Emerging Leader award, which recognizes investment professionals under the age of 40 for demonstrating excellence in performance innovation with outstanding contributions to the development of the global asset management industry. Mahmoud was selected for her efforts across the industry to help senior distribution leaders develop their strategies and understand the best opportunities in the marketplace. She is an important voice in the distribution strategy and analytics areas of the industry.

To learn more about technology disruptors like artificial intelligence and how they can be used to drive a business forward, download our "Imagine A More Human World Using Intelligent Automation" eBook, in which we discuss how intelligent automation and digital workers can be used to increase productivity and efficiency.

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