Intelligent outsourcing of investment operations

Wednesday, June 3, 2020 | By Scott Kurland, Managing Director, SS&C Singularity

Intelligent outsourcing of investment operations

A crisis might not seem like the time to evaluate your operations, but now is perhaps when opportunities to improve are most visible. Some of these potential areas in need of improvement are reporting, risk assessment, remote access, ability to scale up or down quickly, domain expertise and immediate access to information. The critical thing here is business continuity, and as current stresses are placed on firms, the need increases to ensure critical capabilities are met, such as security, always-on availability, risk and compliance, having a strong technology backbone and global footprint.

Having a partner that can help outsource any or all of these functions is critical to a firm’s ability to manage ongoing investment operations. This belt and suspenders approach is a smart way to look at outsourcing. Investment operations that can smartsource, engaging in the areas they may need help most, are the firms that will stay ahead. Keeping up-to-date with technology and efficiently complementing in-house accounting and operations teams is a smart and flexible way to augment capabilities. This allows teams to weather the current storm or any future crisis that may arise.

Keep in mind, not all outsourcing solutions are the same. Which ones have the experience and tested ability to successfully rise to a challenge? From middle to back-office functions to the technology that supports everything, you’ll need to look to a partner that is flexible and able to support you and has the ability to seamlessly operate during spikes in activity and volatility and can meet both internal and client needs.

To hear some real-world examples of how SS&C helps clients outsource some or all of these functions, you can listen to our recent "“Verticalization” Is Where It’s At" podcast.

Or, read our "Outsourcing in a Time of Crisis" whitepaper for more detail about the functions an outsourcing provider can help firms with.

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