Managing through disruptive events with excellence: A new option for health plans

Monday, June 15, 2020 | By Roger Smith, Vice President, Operations

Managing through disruptive events with excellence: A new option for health plans

Members depend on you for safe access to medical and pharmacy care no matter what is going on in the world, so health plans like yours are in the business of dealing with unexpected events. Even so, disruptions can strain your teams and resources despite comprehensive contingency planning. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how quickly and dramatically events outside the realm of “business-as-usual” can pile up for health plans, creating new challenges around maintaining daily operations amidst multiple, serious disruptions.

Consider the following circumstances:

  • Drug shortages (References to hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19 created shortage issues for patients who rely on that drug to treat autoimmune conditions, and more drug shortages will likely come due to global supply chain disruptions.)
  • An influx of Medicaid enrollments (As record numbers of Americans file for unemployment insurance, Medicaid is emerging as a default insurance plan for many.)
  • Pharmacy and medical network disruptions (Pharmacy and hospital closures will become more common as the economy slows down.)

Six months ago, these scenarios may have seemed improbable. Today, health plans like yours are at the center of dealing with at least one of these crisis-level events if not all three.

In times like these, businesses often take resources away from their “real jobs” and assign them to crisis-oriented tasks just when member needs drive a surge in demand for information and services. Many plans are seeing significant disruptions that could jeopardize their ability to serve members impacting clinical outcomes, financial outcomes and stakeholder satisfaction. SS&C can help:Chart shows how SS&C can help with unprecedented increases in call center volume, increase in paper processing, increase in returned mail, and large monetary distributions

SS&C specializes in disruptive event support for businesses that depend on customer service via phone, mail and digital communications. We will design and execute a custom plan to accommodate your unique event whether it impacts millions of members or smaller target populations. We will initiate and conclude your project to suit your needs and will provide expertise at appropriate levels … more when it is required and less when it is not.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that all businesses—health plans included—can expect the unexpected. Researching additional options to mitigate risk is good business in the current environment. SS&C’s Event Center offers specialized expertise and deep experience in managing unexpected, critical or time-sensitive event-related needs. We quickly design and stand up custom programs to meet these kinds of challenges.

Know your options in a crisis. To learn more about the Event Center, download the "Support for health plans to minimize disruption when resources are strained" whitepaper, visit our health website, or contact us.


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