Next-gen investment operations and accounting platform

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Next-gen investment operations and accounting platform

Singularity™, SS&C’s new next-generation investment operations and accounting platform has been built from the ground up with machine learning technology that drives intelligent workflow automation. These AI tools are thoroughly tested by SS&C’s investment operations and accounting experts to ensure the target automation they perform are valid and accurate.

SS&C’s domain expertise provides a distinct advantage in the training and testing of these machine learning models, which get ‘smarter’ the more they’re used. Singularity’s platform architecture provides ‘Multi-Tenant Machine Learning.’ This means the knowledge base optimizing Singularity’s intelligent workflow automation comes not only from users at a single client company, but from users at all of SS&C’s clients who are using Singularity. With its comprehensive investment management industry client base, SS&C can create effective models increasing efficiency and decreasing costs.

To learn more, tune into CEORater founder, Jon Maietta’s podcast: Multi-Tenant Machine Learning.

Jon explains why Singularity’s Multi-Tenant Machine Learning, deep domain expertise, and purpose-built architecture create a difficult competitive barrier for other solution providers trying to bring AI technology to investment operations and accounting.

Asset Management, Insurance

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