Online marketing strategies for property management companies are changing

Wednesday, August 12, 2020 | By Evan Schmidt, General Manager, SKYLINE

Online marketing strategies for property management companies are changing

An estimated 90% of all renters find apartments online, and over 60% are using mobile devices to search for their next place to live. Craigslist,, and similar apartment search sites dominate the front page of Google for “apartment” related keywords. Those online marketing platforms are popular with property owners, and take up most of their marketing budget. The problem with these online rental platforms is that prospective tenants want to know more granular details about the property such as the neighborhood, facilities and background about the listing company than is provided on these platforms. In order to access this critical information, prospective tenants end up doing their own research. Many prospects also give their contact information to the apartment listing sites prematurely, resulting in the landlord having to pay for these premature leads regardless of their quality and appropriateness. 

Property Management firms are now realizing that these online rental sites should only be part of their marketing strategy, and many firms have started adopting other internet marketing strategies such as banner ad campaigns on popular websites, pay-per-click campaigns like Google Ads (previously AdWords), as well as social media marketing efforts to supplement demand and lead generation. These types of paid advertising help drive traffic directly to a property management’s branded website and allow firms to provide much more detailed information on the company itself and on the specifics of their available units, as well as information on the neighborhood, etc.

The 15 second rule….

Once the prospective tenant reaches the property management company’s website, the property management company has just 15 seconds to grab their attention and drive engagement. Therefore, it’s critical that property management companies have a modern website that prioritizes user experience and is well designed to intuitively generate engagement with a prospect and that works across all browsers and devices that your prospective tenants use. 

With this increased reliance on company and property websites, it is also very important that the technology is constantly refreshed and updated and that property managers have an ongoing plan to keep the content on their website current.  Taking the approach of hiring a website development company every few years to create a new site is expensive and burdensome, and companies risk missing out on prospective tenants.  

Up Next: Commercial and Mixed Use Properties

For years, the trend in the real estate/property management industry has been that the residential segment leads as the first adopters of new technology, and the commercial segment follows. Commercial leasing is complex, and so, traditionally, brokers have helped to navigate the process for clients—from finding the right space to negotiating terms of the lease.

However, commercial leasing is rapidly changing and prospects are no longer relying solely on brokers. With technology becoming more and more intuitive and in wide use, prospective commercial tenants want to have the freedom to find properties on their own and at their convenience without a mediator. Property management companies with office and/or retail locations can be at the forefront of this transformation by showcasing their available commercial space on their own websites. As a result, companies will receive more leads, engage with the prospect directly and sign leases faster than ever before. 

One Solution: Property Marketing & Property Management Software

SS&C SKYLINE offers a property website service that includes website templates for your individually branded properties and for your company that are mobile-ready, web-search friendly and with a modern design.  Through these easy to use website templates you can tailor them to showcase all available units in your portfolio. SS&C’s property websites include the latest features and we provide ongoing enhancements and updates.

SKYLINE’s property websites are also seamlessly integrated with SS&C’s SKYLINE Property Management Software. This means less work for your leasing staff.  As units become available in SKYLINE, they will be dynamically shown to prospective tenants on your website within seconds. Additionally, prospective tenants’ information is captured and automatically synced into SKYLINE as a prospect record, so your team can follow-up immediately without missing a lead or a leasing opportunity.  

SS&C SKYLINE helps property management companies be at the forefront of online marketing, which is rapidly evolving.  This will allow you to capture more leads, and lease available space faster. To learn more about us and our latest solutions, please contact us.

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