Paper EOI – Digitized, automated, adjudicated – BRIX + Vidado

Tuesday, October 27, 2020 | By Grant Kreft, VP, Business Development for BenefitsXML

Paper EOI – Digitized, automated, adjudicated – BRIX + Vidado

Group insurance carriers are under enormous pressure—from competitors, customers and the C-suite—to improve medical underwriting outcomes by investing in ways to increase EOI submission rates, automatic adjudication, real-time decisions and a mobile-ready experience.

However, none of these solves the persistent problem of paper, as paper applications require significant manual processing before arriving on the underwriter’s desk making it impossible to:

  • scale without adding headcount
  • process applications efficiently
  • focus resources more effectively

For more than a decade, SS&C’s BRIX has been the established leader in the industry for user-friendly, mobile-ready, online EOI capture. BRIX is highly configurable to support your state-specific application forms to ensure compliant submissions, has processed over 1.5 million applications and reduces the cost to process applications by up to 75%.

Clients can use the native auto-adjudication engine for jet issue or integrate with an existing medical underwriting system for real-time decision processing.

By itself, BRIX handles online submissions or submissions captured on third-party platforms, but until now has offered no native support for processing paper applications; carrier clients used a variety of digitization strategies that generally focused on image processing and storage. This all changes following the integration with SS&C Vidado. Vidado’s AI-powered automation collects high-quality data from any offline channel, turning paper into automation-ready data. With proven AI that’s 1000 times faster than a human, Vidado can automatically extract data from handwritten documents and from poor quality machine-printed documents—even when the text has been smudged or skewed—with 95%+ accuracy, and transforms that data for straight-through processing into BRIX for full processing, including real-time adjudication and integration with internal and external platform partners.

Increased engagement and submission rates, faster turnaround, automated, real-time decisions and lower cost are all delivered as a fully integrated solution from a single service provider. To learn how SS&C’s BRIX+Vidado can increase your submission rates, decrease processing time and lower cost, watch our "Paper EOI – Digitized, automated, adjudicated – BRIX + Vidado" video or contact us.

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