Reimagine treasury management as a profit center

Wednesday, October 13, 2021 | By Jon Anderson, Global Head of Middle Office

Reimagine treasury management as a profit center

Fund managers are facing liquid and illiquid market challenges. As a result, fund firms are increasingly looking to active treasury management as a way to drive value directly to the bottom line through incremental performance and profitability gains. This requires a shift in thinking to view the treasury function as a profit center rather than an operational hub.

Optimizing the treasury function requires the correct tools and resources. Manual, spreadsheet-based processes are slow and error-prone, and reliance on spreadsheets can be a roadblock to transitioning treasury functions from a middle-office function to a front-office asset. Investing in automating those manual processes reduces risk, increases efficiency and tightens operational controls.

When choosing a treasury solution provider, it’s important to consider some key areas. The provider should have a proven track record and credibility in the industry, the solution should have the flexibility to scale to your needs as they change, the provider should have dedicated security resources, and the solution must have a track record of enabling managers to achieve alpha.

Our SS&C Treasury Management Platform reimagines treasury management with an all-in-one platform that leverages our decades of technological innovation and operational expertise and applies intelligent technologies to meet today’s market realities and expectations. Through key features like data strategy, ease of use and scalable customization, SS&C Treasury Management Platform automates and unifies the front and idle offices’ treasury responsibilities.

To learn more about how the SS&C Treasury Management Platform can help you shrink your IT footprint, manage cash online, gain agility and scalability, and compete more effectively, download the "Treasury Management" brochure.

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