SS&C’s Event Center Services: planning for post-pandemic operations

Thursday, July 2, 2020 | By Madeline FitzGerald, Head of Engagement, Event Center Services

SS&C’s Event Center Services: planning for post-pandemic operations

As companies consider planning for orders being lifted and operations to resume, assessing the projects and tasks that were pushed to the back-burner is becoming a priority. As those items are defined, deciding how to navigate the backlog is the next step. Do you use in-house resources who are already working hard to get back to business as usual? Is now the time to consider outsourcing those projects to a group that specializes in managing these types of events?

When considering outsourcing projects, the following are factors to keep in mind to help make that decision:

  • Industry Expertise: A provider who knows you need to offer more personalized solutions. They will also have more sensitivity to your customers’ needs and better understand the unique demands and complex requirements of your project. Having a team that can hit the ground running can help as you navigate, getting back to business-as-usual activities.
  • Flexible, Scalable Model: As you address the operational backlog with cost efficiencies top of mind, your organization needs to shift fixed expenses to variable costs. Your partner should be equipped to rapidly staff and execute an event. However, when you are in the midst of the event and your needs change, how easily can they adjust? How effective are they at responding to fluctuations in volume spikes? Agility and flexibility translate to an advantage for you, and ultimately, to the success of your event.
  • Access to Modern, Secure Infrastructure: A key area of concern that came to the forefront in recent months was technology. Do you have the right technology and/or tools to handle the event? With outsourcing, you gain instant access to secure, reliable and modern infrastructures, alleviating dependence on your internal resources. Access to a state-of-the-art operation can also generate cost savings for your firm.
  • Reputation: When it comes to managing and executing your event, you should have a strategy. Working with a firm with a proven track record and a history of setting standards for performance and execution is a priority. Not only should they understand your business needs and goals, but they should also bring a consultative approach and an “easy to do business with” mentality.

Many clients have turned to SS&C’s Event Center to manage and execute their projects. Our goal is to minimize the burden on client staff and infrastructure so the firm can return its focus to everyday business while complying fully with the demands of the event. The team has over 25 years of experience helping insurers, investment firms, banks and other institutions manage extraordinary, disruptive events on an outsourced basis. 

We can quickly set up a dedicated event management system separate from the client’s business systems. We can staff and train resources for inbound or outbound call center support to address inquiries related to the specific event. Additionally, we can coordinate mass mailings such as notifications or regulatory communications, data entry, document review, and launch an interactive or informational web presence to communicate with interested parties. Moreover, we leverage deep financial industry expertise and a flexible staffing model to deliver comprehensive, scalable services to execute on your project.

As we continue to navigate this rapidly changing environment, assisting our clients in getting back to their regular operation remains our focus. Learn more about how SS&C’s Event Center can help your business on our Event Center Services page.

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