Stay ahead of industry changes with SS&C EVOLV

Thursday, September 16, 2021 | By Theresa Meawad, Director, Solutions Consulting, SS&C EVOLV

Stay ahead of industry changes with SS&C EVOLV

The only constant is change, and those that are prepared for it are the ones that will be successful. In finance, that change may take the form of regulatory, accounting, technology or security requirements. As part of our ongoing effort to help our clients evolve to meet these inevitable changes, our product strategy has been centered around investing in the enhancements that will ensure our clients stay a step ahead.

That mindset is behind SS&C EVOLV, our platform for integrated risk, credit, and finance processes. First launched in 2006 as Primatics, EVOLV was the first solution that integrated risk and finance functions. The new name of EVOLV reflects our objective of helping clients evolve to meet new challenges.

In 2008, EVOLV released the first module to automate the handling of purchased credit-impaired loans before the financial crisis in 2008, under the guidance of SOP 03-3, which after the crisis became extremely important for banks and the accounting for their M&A deals and sub-prime purchases. To support this, EVOLV was the first platform in this space to leverage cutting-edge cloud computing, enabling clients to process large transactional data sets to meet close deadlines, without the added cost of standing up their own IT infrastructure. This architecture also allows our clients to run complex models to analyze the credit risk of their loan portfolio and comply with the new CECL standard.

And EVOLV continues to invest and lead the market in solutions for risk and finance with our continuous investment in R&D and technology, including empowering our clients by putting the power of data in the hands of the business through a no-code business rules application and centralizing data in a truly extensible sub-ledger.

Our investment goes beyond technology to true client enablement. EVOLV has continued to provide clients and prospective clients with industry-recognized thought leadership since our inception through annual speaking sessions at the AICPA and other conferences, articles, webinars, user groups and whitepapers. We are always at the forefront of industry developments before they emerge, helping our clients to thrive and access insights to decision-impactful information—whether it’s through our technology investments or deep business knowledge.

To learn more about EVOLV and how SS&C can help keep you ahead of the competition and positioned for future growth and success, visit the SS&C EVOLV page.

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