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Aug 23, 2021

Choosing the right remediation partner

In a recent blog in this series, we previously discussed the importance of an effective response to planned and unplanned events for banks and insurers. Planning for disruptive events is also important for asset management operations, where an occasional mistake or event has a widespread financial impact on investors. In particular, there are some challenges and complexities that are specific to remediation.

Aug 11, 2020

Is your cultural foundation strong enough for the disruption ahead?

New regulations, break-through technology, changing consumer behavior, another global pandemic—what will be the next big disruption for the asset management industry? Because there will certainly be one.

In our new "After the storm: Charting a new course through uncertainty" whitepaper, we talk about how a well-defined culture is critical to thriving amid disruption. It keeps a company united in the face of challenges, with employees aligned and working toward a common goal. And it acts as a reliable compass to guide employees’ decisions and actions, so they can accomplish their goals faster and more effectively. In fact, research shows companies with a strong culture generate four times the revenue growth of companies without one.

Jul 2, 2020

SS&C’s Event Center Services: planning for post-pandemic operations

As companies consider planning for orders being lifted and operations to resume, assessing the projects and tasks that were pushed to the back-burner is becoming a priority. As those items are defined, deciding how to navigate the backlog is the next step. Do you use in-house resources who are already working hard to get back to business as usual? Is now the time to consider outsourcing those projects to a group that specializes in managing these types of events?


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