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May 3, 2019

Active non-transparent ETFs and mutual funds – A transformational change?

In a March 2019 blog titled ETFs – Looking into the future, I referenced an earlier blog post from February 2018, ETFs: An industry in flux.  I wrote in this earlier blog that, subject to regulatory approval, I hoped to see a great deal of product innovation in 2018—namely actively-managed, non-transparent ETFs.  Well, it seems that at last, and better late than never, the SEC has finally given conditional approval to one strategy: Precidian’s ActiveShares.

Jul 26, 2018

SS&C SVC adds ETFs to its Managed Data Services

The ability to aggregate data from multiple vendors is crucial for managing assets on a global platform and a necessity in an age where manual price validation creates additional cost and risk.

Jan 31, 2018

The rising popularity of direct indexing among financial advisors

Direct indexing, a method for replicating the performance of an index by purchasing the underlying shares instead of buying an ETF or mutual fund is becoming increasingly popular among advisors. Advisors, and their clients, are drawn to this approach because of cost efficiencies, tax-harvesting benefits, and customization opportunities.

Dec 22, 2017

SS&C Learning Institute presents first place award for ETF portfolio challenge

The SS&C Learning Institute recently attended the ETP Forum held at the New York Athletic Club, courtesy of our partner ETF Global. The ETP Forum is a comprehensive one-day program designed to immerse advisors and institutions in the most relevant investment themes of the year.

Jul 24, 2017

SS&C’s CORE reporting to help with the challenges of new SEC Modernization requirements

As the main regulator of the investment management industry, the SEC continues to identify opportunities to modernize and enhance the reporting and disclosure of information by registered investment companies. Along these lines, the SEC recently voted to adopt changes which modernize the current reporting regime to address the risks in the asset management industry, improve the quality of the data provided to investors and help the SEC collect and analyze data more ...

May 1, 2017

Millennial investors demand solid ESG policies and transparency, part 2

By Nick Curwen In the first of our two-part blog series, we talked about millennials, how they are likely to invest, and the depth of their investment knowledge. We now address how strong, solid transparency and ESG policies will attract this elusive investor. Transparency The millennial generation is cost conscious and technologically advanced. Investors want price transparency and for charges to be clearly referenced. Some official rules (e.g. Markets in Financial Instruments ...

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