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Jan 16, 2023

The Relationship Between Insurance Companies & Commercial Real Estate

Insurance investors have been major players in Commercial Real Estate (CRE) lending for decades, with the commercial mortgage industry fitting nicely as an asset against the liabilities that life insurance companies have. Characteristics such as fixed-rate interest and ten-plus-year terms benefit both sides.

Jul 15, 2022

Choosing a Front-to-Back Solution for Investment Managers and Insurers

Both investment managers and insurance portfolios have grown increasingly complex over the past few years.  M&A activity between the two has also accelerated, forcing the newly combined entities to figure out the best way to integrate disparate, overlapping and redundant systems as well as address redundant or overlapping operations and staff. Legacy technology and inefficient operating models can quickly erode any increase in revenue or margin garnered from such deals.

Apr 29, 2022

Private Market Investing Accelerates as Interest Rates Rise

Even as interest rates trend upward and traditional fixed income investment vehicles reclaim some of their luster, insurers and other investors continue to show interest in private market investing.

Nov 1, 2021

ESG Investing for Insurers: An Alternative to the Alternatives

Insurance investment managers have a vested interest in achieving predictable returns, which means maintaining a risk-averse portfolio focused on traditional investments. Countless beneficiaries depend on insurance investment managers to make the right decisions as they invest premiums for growth. However, amidst the persistent low-interest environment, yields on “traditional” investments are simply insufficient.


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