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Jun 22, 2022

5 Things Insurers Should Expect from Investment Accounting Providers

Insurance investment firms have a lot to juggle these days—striving to increase returns in a difficult and volatile market, navigating a complex regulatory landscape across multiple states and geographical jurisdictions, and simply having to do more with fewer people. One thing they should not have to face is an investment accounting struggle caused by their technology or service provider.

Jun 9, 2021

5 lessons learned from insurers migrating to modern investment technology

Our SS&C Singularity team has now helped more than 50 companies migrate to new investment technology using a variety of deployment models, including co-sourcing, full outsourcing and SaaS. Along the way, we’ve made some discoveries and learned a few lessons about how to support clients as they seek to modernize their investment infrastructure, increase revenue and reduce operating costs.

Mar 16, 2021

Worlds collide: insurance and alternatives

Insurance companies and alternative investment managers are converging in the pursuit of higher yield investments, and we are seeing this play out in several ways: insurance companies continue to increase alternatives allocations through limited/general partnership structures and/or by acquiring alternative investment managers in order to gain deal flow and expertise. At the same time, alternative investment managers are investing in insurance companies or launching re-insurance ventures to create a steady stream of capital inflows from premiums.

Mar 9, 2021

Weighing the options: upgrade, outsource or patch your infrastructure?

Insurance companies, asset managers and pension funds face increasing pressure to diversify their investments in order to meet growth targets. At the same time, they are being asked to simplify their operating models to improve efficiency, reduce cost, increase revenues and reduce risk while also complying with various regulatory regimes in which they operate. How are firms meeting these seemingly irreconcilable challenges, given that some are operating on legacy systems and infrastructure that are simply not built for the conditions we see today?


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