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Jun 26, 2020

Managing credit risk during a global pandemic—key considerations and best practices

Following up from the SS&C Algorithmics Webinar “Managing Credit Risk During a Global Pandemic – Key Considerations and Best Practices” held on May 20th, we wanted to share some of the interesting insights gained from our audience poll of three topics relevant to the webinar discussion.  In terms of COVID-19 recovery expectations, participants overall appeared to lean more towards conservative presumptions with respect to the expected course of the recovery, with 92%believing that a prolonged “U,” delayed “L” or broken “W” shaped recovery would ensue, with only 8%believing that a swift “V” shaped recovery would prevail. Perhaps this reflects the more sobering realities of the severe impacts the economic shutdown has had on global output and employment, and expected levels of bad debt and credit losses likely to accrue to existing bank balance sheets.

Apr 21, 2020

Increased support for large exposure management and reporting with release of SS&C Algorithmics Credit Manager 5.4.8

The latest release of SS&C Algorithmics Credit Manager is available nowACM is a complete credit risk platform meeting the needs of organizations to know, price, control, monitor and reduce credit risk. ACM capabilities include providing a single view of risk, credit exposure calculation and consolidation, limits management, excess monitoring, what-if and limit reservations, and qualitative and quantitative ratings.


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