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Nov 7, 2022

Two Initiatives Where National Accounts & National Sales Leaders Agree

It would be reasonable to assume—especially given the increasingly competitive and uncertain distribution landscape—that distribution leaders’ views would vary greatly about which initiatives will drive long-term success for their firms. After all, National Accounts and National Sales leaders must consider a plethora of external and internal factors that can really impact business outcomes. However, based on our recent surveys of National Accounts and National Sales leaders, there is a general consensus that data and technology refinement and enhanced business intelligence will be two points of focus for the majority of asset management organizations in 2023.

Sep 29, 2022

What Is Your Firm Doing to Close Its Customer Knowledge Gap?

We all know that understanding our customers is good business. A good foundational understanding of their business needs, preferences and behaviors can produce lift and help build strong, lasting relationships. We also know that data is the best way to bridge gaps in our knowledge about customers. 

Jun 3, 2022

Why Remote Sales Engagements are Still Necessary (and Will Be)

In our "Remote Selling is Here to Stay" study, we analyzed survey results from more than 500 financial advisors (conducted in association with Horsesmouth) to identify how advisors are now thinking about engagements with asset managers as many professionals are returning to the office. The results may surprise you.

Mar 4, 2022

What Do Model Portfolio Users Expect from Model Providers?

The use of model portfolios among financial advisors is nearly ubiquitous—with nearly eight-in-10 advisors using models in their practices to some extent based on our Advisor Insights research, conducted in association with Horsesmouth. Advisors in every business model and asset range are using models in their practices in some measure for accounts of all sizes.

May 27, 2021

How to maintain and deepen relationships with research & due diligence teams

Over the past several years, important buy and sell decisions have increasingly been centralized within research/due diligence teams at every major distributor. During this time, the reach and influence of these teams have grown dramatically due to advisors’ increasing reliance on recommended lists and models for investment selection and monitoring, as well as continued platform rationalization and fee compression triggering a trend toward fewer available fund families and funds.

Jan 25, 2019

2019 asset and wealth management predictions

Innovative disrupters, powerful economic forces and irreversible societal trends are shaking up asset and wealth management in ways we haven’t seen before.


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