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Sep 7, 2022

6 Ways Advanced Investment Tools Aid Employee Retention, Satisfaction

Investment operations staff keep wealth and money management firms humming. They handle the sometimes mundane, frequently arduous and always critical tasks that reconcile trades, balance the books, capture performance and ensure compliance (just to name a few areas). In the age of the so-called Great Resignation, it’s especially important to give the staff reasons to stick around; one way is by giving them tools and technology that help them to work efficiently, advance their skills and gain opportunities to add more value to your firm.

Dec 20, 2021

To Win the Platform Placement Game, Figure Out What Distributors Need

It goes without saying that product performance is central to the success of any asset management firm. However, performance is only one part of the story. To stay relevant, asset managers also need to ensure that they are staying on top of product trends—and, most importantly, delivering products that their clients want and need. Platform placements are a key component of this process, and in order to get products onto distributor platforms, firms need an in-depth understanding of distributors’ needs and criteria.

Nov 18, 2020

Driving success from within an organization, despite indefinite remote work

Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, it was undeniable that the world was going through a technological revolution. The impact of this disease has caused an abrupt acceleration in the need to operate in a paperless, contactless world. At SS&C, we have found success in focusing on four main dimensions—Policy, Process, Platform and People as highlighted in a recent video produced by AIMA.

Nov 6, 2018

Tamale users share ideas and preview product updates

Research today is disseminated by so many sources that it can be challenging to zero in on what’s most important, which is why many firms turn to research management technology to help. SS&C Advent’s Tamale RMS® addresses these challenges with purpose-built software to help investment firms organize their research and apply it most effectively in their decision-making processes.


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