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Sep 3, 2020

Onboarding new asset types: a case for flexible risk model integration

For wealth managers and institutional asset allocation specialists exploring long-term investment opportunities, the onboarding of new financial instruments presents both data and risk modeling challenges. This investigation journey can be illustrated using a hypothetical cryptocurrency fund example as part of a broadly invested financial portfolio. This example also advocates the need for analytics to enable upstream data investigation, flexible risk model mapping and support for a broad range of simulation techniques within a cost-controlled environment.

Jul 15, 2020

Negative oil futures and the impact on risk management

April 20 marked a new event in the history of crude oil prices when the WTI May futures that were about to expire the next day traded in the negative territory at a historic low of $ -37.63. This was the result of a very low demand for oil as the global lockdowns to mitigate the effects of the pandemic brought economic activity to a standstill. This in turn resulted in a huge surplus of oil that has left oil producers and traders scrambling for storage.  The fear is that, if forced to accept delivery of crude oil upon the futures expiration, it would leave the party with the long position of having nowhere to store it, as the excess supply has already filled up the storage tankers across the US. This explains the negative May futures price.

Apr 13, 2020

Frontline lessons: Providing outstanding customer service amid the COVID-19 crisis

As we confront the reality of evolving our personal, professional, and organizational lives in the face of pandemic conditions, we must continue to keep our businesses running and our customers satisfied.  While many organizations have invoked their business continuity procedures, many did not account for the magnitude of the transition to remote conditions over an extended period. Combining a near 100% remote workforce with the physical quarantine of employees, COVID-19 highlights the need to evaluate our collective organizational resilience continuously. 

Oct 29, 2019

Awareness is key to preventing fraud

In order to better understand the means and methods of fraudsters in the digital age, SS&C turned to a panel of industry practitioners representing law enforcement, one of America’s largest banks, a large asset manager, and SS&C’s own experts.

Jun 5, 2019

Beyond basics – three enhanced practices to protect customer records

In response to existing and emerging security risks to your customers’ records, you should implement, maintain and evidence three enhanced practices within your internal technology environment.  Furthermore, you should demand the same of your critical third-party vendors.


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