That’s a wrap for IASA 2019!

Friday, June 7, 2019 | By Stephanie McCoil

That’s a wrap for IASA 2019!

That’s a wrap for SS&C Singularity at IASA 2019!

Attendees at this year’s IASA conference were treated to a look into the future of insurance investment accounting and operations with SS&C Singularity. The Singularity team showcased AI and machine learning at a booth that not only presented demonstrations of the new product, but gave attendees an opportunity to step into the world of virtual reality.  One lucky attendee even won a VR headset playing the IASA Mad Libs game!

The fun continued with vendor connect tours on digital transformation.  Scott Kurland, Managing Director of SS&C Singularity, and Marc Zimmerman, Senior Vice President, treated tour attendees to demonstrations of how Singularity uses disruptive technology to help insurance companies more efficiently run their business. 

It wasn’t all fun and games, though. SS&C Singularity also hosted a panel session on AI & Machine Learning. The panel, moderated by Zimmerman, included  Kurland, Jon Maietta from CEO Rater and Waqqas Mahmood from Baker Tilley.  Panelists discussed topics ranging from how innovative technologies are impacting middle- and back-office operations to considerations in implementing these technologies. 

While onsite, Zimmerman interviewed with AM Best TV where he overviewed how finance is insurance’s next frontier for smart automation.  Zimmerman explained how automation software is allowing insurers to automate many tasks in finance, such as reconciling custodial and investment accounts. 

SS&C also conducted its annual Insurance survey. This year’s survey focused on firms’ use (or planned use) of disruptive technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning. Results of that survey will be released later this year.

IASA 2019 was both a great time and an educational experience for attendees and sponsors alike.  Look for SS&C and Singularity at future events!


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