The best ideas win: 35 years of SS&C Technologies

Friday, March 19, 2021 | By Bill Stone, Chairman and CEO

The best ideas win: 35 years of SS&C Technologies

SS&C Technologies celebrates its 35th anniversary this week. We want to take a moment to reflect on the philosophies and clients, which have made us who we are today. We have become a leading provider of mission-critical, digitized software in the fintech and healthtech industries. Our 100+ offices in 40 countries are home to 25,000 employees. 

Among the organizations relying on SS&C are nine of the top ten prime brokers, 75 of the top 100 hedge funds, and all 20 of the largest asset managers. SS&C’s technology supports healthcare processing for 48 million covered lives. SS&C Intralinks facilitates $34 trillion in financial transactions, and our Retirement Solutions is the largest Software as a Service provider. In the coming years, SS&C has the opportunity to reach even further. Technology and its automation benefits are yet to be fully realized. SS&C is well-positioned to deliver these benefits. 

Graphic shows the scope of the financial and healthcare industries' involvement with SS&C

We always put the customer first, which creates the relationships responsible for our 96% retention rates. Behind our acquisition strategy is the philosophy we learn new ideas, obtain new technologies and grow our workforce increasing diversity. 

At SS&C, we believe the best idea wins! We put our resources behind the best ideas and these become successful products and services. SS&C has built through acquisitions and organic growth a very strong intellectual property portfolio.

We have accomplished a lot during our first 35 years and, together with our clients and partners, have empowered everyone to realize their full potential.

What matters most now is what we do next. We are excited and determined to make the most of this opportunity. We appreciate your business, your friendship and we look forward to working with you over the next 35 years.

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