The data age: how data can drive decisions at all levels of an organization

Thursday, October 3, 2019 | By Alastair Hewitt, Director, CORE-SightLine and Lyndsay Noble, Director, Data Science

The data age: how data can drive decisions at all levels of an organization

When it comes to technology adoption and data, early adopters and innovators have a competitive advantage. SS&C’s webinar, The Data Age: How Data Can Drive Decisions at all Levels of an Organization covers how data impacts the decision-making process for alternative and asset management firms. Alastair Hewitt, Director, CORE-Sightline and Lyndsay Noble, Director, Data Science led the presentation.

The webinar covers:

  • Infusing data into strategic and day-to-day operations
  • Top 5 common data challenges
  • How to establish a golden data set
  • Why technology without expertise is a costly endeavor

We also examine how the application of advanced-analytics techniques across the full value chain is delivering higher revenues for asset acquisition, improved performance for investment management, and lower costs for asset administration.

Data needs to be up-to-date and available at the push of a button to make informed decisions and provide actionable insights. Allowing your data to be configured, defined by the user and managed from multiple sources, your data is transformed into more meaningful and powerful information. Because informed decisions and analytics are always dependent on access to quality data, it is important to have tools to visualize and unlock that information in ways that cater to the needs of the multiple and diverse groups within an organization.

Download the webinar and find out if you are using your data to its fullest potential.

Alternative Investments, Asset Management, Regulation

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