The Learner Experience: Latest trends in artificial intelligence, neuroscience and culture development

Monday, March 26, 2018 | By Lauren Jack

The Learner Experience: Latest trends in artificial intelligence, neuroscience and culture development

With rapidly evolving technology and new approaches to learning and development, how do we as learning professionals integrate these new concepts to foster an impactful offering for our learners? This April, the SS&C Learning Institute explores this question during the LX 2018 conference which looks at how to shift programs away from ticking the box and into an adaptive, intelligent paradigm focused on real-time personalization, comprehension and results.  LX 2018 focuses on the Learner Experience (LX) and delves into the latest trends in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience and Culture Development with three global leaders. Read on for session highlights.   

Machine Learning is the Future of Human Learning

More information is now created every month than has been consumed in the preceding 100 months combined. Skills obsolesce every 2½ years, and the average employee will hold 15 jobs between university and retirement. But where information is increasingly cheap, knowledge grows ever more expensive.

Now, commercial advances in artificial intelligence (AI)—especially in the power, trust, and speed of deep learning—offer a promising vehicle for imbuing algorithms with much of the subject matter expertise, curriculum development, instructional design, and even tutoring capabilities required to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of learning and knowledge in the enterprise.

As AI transforms every facet of modern work, this talk will explore the real-world innovations like knowledge gap prediction, private personalization, and even automatic content generation that make possible a new era of machine learning for human learning, in the enterprise and beyond.

How to build the highest performing cultures using the science of total motivation

CEOs, managers, and entrepreneurs are aware that culture is an important part of their employees’ performance, but few know how to build and sustain a high performing one. Through analyses of thousands of studies on human behavior and our own proprietary employee survey, we at Vega Factor have cracked the code on culture and developed a systematic and sustainable approach to building a high performing culture.

Our approach is based on the finding that motivation is at the heart of any company’s performance: why people work determines how well they work and the most important “whys” are play, purpose, and potential. When work is done for the love (play), outcome (purpose), or developmental benefit (potential) of it—and not for emotional or economic reasons, people are better able to execute their plans.

During this talk we will bring to life our approach and toolkit through storytelling and exercises. Attendees will walk away with a deeper understanding of performance, motivation and culture, and a set of ideas and tactics for how to take action.

Using the Brain in Business

The recent years have revealed new ways to expand our understanding of customers by learning how they think. This is done using tools and techniques that peek into the brain of the consumers and eavesdrop on the ways by which they decide, learn and engage with content.

We can now see how people understand and remember messages, emotionally connect with brands and choose what they like and want. Replacing traditional tools of marketing like focus groups or surveys, neuroscience now offers a variety of options to business managers that enable a deeper insight into the mind of the individual.

In this talk we will expose some of those tools and the way one can go about expanding the knowledge and ways to use them.

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