The power of a technology partner

Thursday, April 25, 2019 | By Bob Conchiglia

The power of a technology partner

There is a clear difference between a “technology provider” and a “technology partner.” Both offer a solution that modernizes, optimizes and digitizes your business. However, only a partner will provide a level of personalized service that works as an extension of your team. Often when advisory firms go tech-shopping, they come to realize that what they really need is a partner. Especially when they don’t have an in-house back-office to support a full-scale, integrated, financial hub like the Black Diamond Wealth Platform.

We take service seriously at Black Diamond. In 2018 the nearly 100 dedicated service members answered 41,707 support cases, and exemplified a commitment to not only serving their clients, but knowing each client’s business.

As Ryan Alexis, Director of Client Service for Black Diamond attests in this video, “Firms should choose Black Diamond because of our combination of technology and service. We’ve got a great platform that we are constantly updating and we listen to our clients – and I think that is honestly a little bit of our secret sauce.”

And listening we are. In 2018 we implemented 365 ideas submitted by our clients via our Great Ideas feature. Those ideas detail enhancements that our platform users want, and as Ryan mentioned, we take action. But our listening doesn’t stop there. Our Client Advocates develop meaningful relationships with their firms so they can get to know each business, and offer up impactful advice.

We routinely send our clients a relationship survey and it is not uncommon for them to tell us that our service is among the best from all of their technology partners. “The service is as good as it gets,” and “There has not been one problem our Client Advocate has not solved,” are just a couple examples of the feedback we’ve received.

Black Diamond continues to break the mold by investing in the platform’s technology and focusing on the growth of our service team. That doesn’t just mean adding to the size of the team; we also ensure they are equipped with the technology they need to better support our clients. For example, we are about to begin the rollout of an innovative Case Management tool that we have built from the ground up.

This feature will live inside the platform and allow advisors to easily and securely submit a support case directly to their dedicated service team. The benefits of this new streamlined process are endless. Taking something so critical, like support cases, out of a crowded inbox and into a trackable, transparent environment is immeasurable.  

By providing such unparalleled support and ongoing training, the Black Diamond service team is focused on ensuring advisory firms get the most out of our cloud-based, complete wealth platform. This is why our “secret sauce” of innovative technology and dedicated service makes for a powerful combination that’s really hard to beat. Watch Ryan Alexis’ full video here.

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