Transforming client communications from a cost center to a competitive edge

Wednesday, July 10, 2019 | By Nicole Beauregard

Transforming client communications from a cost center to a competitive edge

With high churn rates and so many asset managers aggressively competing for your clients, the quality of client communications is crucial to your firm’s brand differentiation and client retention. Today’s investors want your appraisal of what is happening in the market and what you’re doing to help them as individuals to achieve the best outcomes. Unfortunately, many of today’s investment managers do not have the client communications tools to properly engage clients without resorting to inefficient, costly manual processes that leave very little control in the hands of their client-facing professionals or their clients.

Last month in London, SS&C’s Institutional & Investment Management team hosted a special briefing for a number of London’s leading asset management firms and consultants. Discussions centered around transforming client communications from a cost center to a value-added service and how this could be achieved using Vision FI™, SS&C’s award-winning client communication and reporting system. Presentations were led by SS&C’s Kam Pouyamajd, Managing Director - EMEA, and Mike Kendall - Head of Client Communication Solutions.

Kendall explained that many of today’s client communications teams rely on highly-manual processes that lack the breadth and capability to meet individual client demands at scale. They are driven, at best, by highly technical toolkit-style reporting products that are incapable of fully meeting the demands of the investor firm clients and client-facing/focused business users. At worst, the process is almost entirely manual and error-prone. Instead, today’s client communications teams need solutions enabling them to:

  • Customize content at scale (“Mass Customization”)
  • Respond rapidly to one-off requests
  • Utilize a single solution for both print and digital communication
  • Provide cohesive branding, information and message across all collateral
  • Address multiple reporting needs for clients, marketing and operations
  • Capture usage data to support ROI metrics reporting

SS&C’s Vison FI provides all these capabilities and more, enabling your firm to transform client communications from a cost center to a competitive edge. More than 300 investment firms rely on SS&C for client engagement and communications—from boutiques to firms managing over $1 trillion USD.

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