Unlocking the full potential of your data

Friday, March 13, 2020 | By Al Hewitt, Director, CORE – SightLine

Unlocking the full potential of your data

One of the most prominent challenges when it comes to data access is the increasing expectation of stakeholders. The more data available, the more complex the requirements tend to become; it’s a self-perpetuating problem that will only get bigger if you are not employing the right technology. Today, data needs to be up-to-date and available at the push of a button to make informed judgments and provide actionable insights. Clean and accessible data is pivotal for making impactful decisions and reporting to senior management and c-level executives.

Data is often not immediately accessible to stakeholders upon request; this could be due to an organization’s disparate systems or a lack of strategic system integration to facilitate the extraction. Typically, the data required to help drive business decisions resides across a number of unconnected systems: CRM, marketing automation, operational systems, finance systems, external or third-party data files, web logs, etc.  Providing static reports can pose more questions than they answer. Having the infrastructure to explore the data that underpins these reports and then immediately deliver answers is extremely advantageous, and more importantly, will fast become an everyday expectation of the decision-makers.

Data exists everywhere in an organization, so it is not unreasonable in today’s data-driven age that there is an increasing demand for it from internal and external stakeholders of your organization. If the data exists everywhere, then why is it so challenging to have access to it? Utilizing your data to its fullest potential is about leveraging your data in a systematic and dynamic way to drive decisions, and more importantly, in a repeatable way that removes inaccuracies and inefficiencies in the process—thus enabling you to react to the constant demands of the stakeholders.

SS&C developed the CORE-SightLine platform in response to these prominent data and reporting challenges. The cutting-edge dual platform provides organizations user-defined Data Management and Business Intelligence functionality to embed trust in their data and optimize the decision-making process.

Download our recent whitepaper The data challenge: Complexities of organizations and their data to learn more about how CORE-SightLine can help you unlock the potential of your data in the face of common data challenges.

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