Women in technology: advice for women in STEM

Tuesday, June 23, 2020 | By Katie Bennewitz, Senior Director, Development

Women in technology: advice for women in STEM

SS&C recently participated in a panel hosted by the Kansas City Business Journal to discuss women in technology. In an environment where women hold only 5% of leadership positions in the tech sector and only 25% of all computing jobs, many women cite lack of mentors, gender bias, pay inequity and lack of growth as the top barriers in the industry.

The panelists discussed advice to younger women coming into the STEM field. Ask lots of questions. Make lots of connections with people. Don’t be afraid to ask and learn how the sausage is made. Why are you working on this code? What happens when you release it? Who are your stakeholders? Get to know them.

The topic of mentoring was also discussed. One reason a mentor is so important is their role in helping you find a vision for what your job will look like as your career progresses. It’s also important for women in leadership roles to become mentors themselves. Mentoring newer associates gives you energy, as a mentee’s excitement and enthusiasm for the future are contagious.

In discussing such a male-dominated field, the panelists also gave advice to women facing discrimination in the workplace. While we touched on more outward issues like harassment (in short, don’t tolerate it and speak up), we also talked about the more hidden issues, like how men and women in the field may be perceived differently. It’s important for young women to not compare themselves to others. Just because a certain personality type or approach is working for them doesn’t mean it has to look the same for you, and don’t question what’s working for you.

To find out more from the panel, including a discussion about how technology has helped companies adapt during the COVID-19 pandemic and how innovation will help keep us socially and professionally connected in the future, read the full "Table of Experts: Women in Technology" article.


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