Online learning with SS&C Learning Institute

As the world’s financial markets grow increasingly sophisticated, it can be difficult to stay current with the latest trends and developments. Today’s financial professionals are expected to possess a broad understanding of an ever-widening array of products and services. Your next career move, or indeed your current job, could depend on being able to speak knowledgeably about structured finance, operational risk, mortgage-backed securities or barrier options.

Whatever the training problem or knowledge gap, SS&C Learning Institute can help. Choose from over 600 hours of online courses on topics ranging from risk management to derivatives, corporate finance to fixed income and equity valuation. Our courses were developed “by practitioners for practitioners,” using animations and simulations to illustrate and reinforce concepts, and online quizzes to test retention. In addition to these stand-alone courses, SS&C Learning Institute can provide curriculum planning for training programs, custom or off-the-shelf assessment tests, traditional classroom training combined with our online courses, a knowledge-on-demand reference tool called ZooFiRST, and many other training services.

For investment banks and securities firms, SS&C Learning Institute offers courses on all aspects of capital markets and securities trading. We cover traditional instruments and basic finance math, straight through to today’s most sophisticated topics and products, including equity and credit derivatives and operational risk quantification methods. Complex subjects are explained fully and accurately, preventing costly mistakes on the trading floor.

SS&C Learning Institute offers a full suite of other courses suitable for employees of hedge funds, asset management firms, retail and commercial banks and insurance companies. Learning and development managers will appreciate that SS&C Learning Institute courses can help address compliance concerns and offer a full array of reporting tools, allowing managers to easily supervise and administer training across the whole organization. SS&C Learning Institute programs can be rolled out easily and painlessly.

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