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What if you could have the luxury of a full suite of peer-endorsed, engaging web-based courses without giving up the dream of training that meets your firm''s highly specialized needs? This is what customers of SS&C Learning Institute’s value: the ability to immediately roll out hundreds of hours of best-in-class training modules, with a partner that understands how best to make them suit your organization.

Having your custom eLearning built by a company that does not already offer a library of web-based courses can be particularly risky. You can do all the appropriate due diligence - view their demonstration projects, interview client references – but nothing can replace the value of being able to evaluate the actual courses that already exist on topics your employees require.

When you license any or all of the hundreds of hours of highly esteemed online courses from SS&C Learning Institute, you gain complimentary access to our Learning Services professionals, who are eager to put together learning plans and support services to meet your specific needs. We will work with you to determine the right mix of courses, in the right sequence, with the appropriate level of customization and additional features created just for you. You will have the immediate win of a program you can use right away, along with the benefit of a partner driven to make sure that usage and learning retention are high, and that the training is as successful as it can be.

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