Simplify the day-to-day with investment operations automation

By: Inderjit Gawera

With ever-increasing volumes, fund and instrument innovation, evolving regulation and tax rules, and tighter servicing agreements, meeting all the demands of daily operations can be difficult. In addition, managers often introduce specialist systems and tactical workarounds to manage newly mandated regulation and to support the launch of new asset classes. 

The result: operations with multiple systems, including front-office order management solutions for trade management and execution, back-office platforms for investment accounting and unit pricing, and middle-office capabilities for compliance and post-trade processing.

What asset managers need is an end-to-end solution for their investment operations, but there is no single solution that meets all these requirements. This has forced asset managers to use workaround solutions within their investment operations. For example, many mangers use manual processes within component solutions to update data, process obscure corporate actions exceptions, or manipulate bespoke costing rules for specific instrument types.

These workarounds are viable where risks and overhead costs can be managed and volumes are low. However, growth in volumes, complexity in instruments, increasing resource costs, and shorter windows of opportunity are forcing asset managers to seek automated solutions to streamline their operations.

The need for scalability through automation is being driven from all angles. Market activity is fragmented across geographies, asset classes, and fund types; clients want greater transparency and regulators are issuing new mandates. Basic jurisdictional rules and fund accounting methods must also be accommodated.

Scalability cannot be achieved by simply increasing man hours. There is operational risk in manual processes, especially where people are working under pressure. It can be challenging to achieve clean and efficient integration between systems and to maximize the automation of business processes.

SS&C Technologies leverages proprietary technology and expertise to deliver outsourcing services to meet all your business objectives. We help clients achieve scalable, robust, straight-through-processing-geared solutions that meet their unique needs.

In this first part eBriefing series, we will closely examine the investment operations functions and automation requirements you need to reduce manual overheads and risks.

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