Save time and money with automated middle- to back-office solutions

By: Van Nguyen

In this second of a 9-part eBriefing series on the challenge of complexity, we examine the impact an efficient and automated trade capture process has on your business’ bottom line.

To achieve accurate and up-to-date consolidated positions of your investments, an automated and controlled trade execution flow between front-office systems and back-office platforms is a must-have.

However, businesses often have fragmented and disparate trade order management processes for specialized trading or business functions. As a result, key core investment data is spread across multiple solutions and is not easily accessible. The manual data capture and reconciliation processes at many investment operations often lead to critical human error (e.g. missing transactions and incomplete or late trade data).

In an increasingly competitive and complex environment, asset managers face decreasing operating margins and must find ways to automate many of their manual processes across the front-, middle- and back-office. Cost-effective solutions are often deployed but new technologies must be adopted to increase operational efficiency and, more importantly, to provide greater access to more timely, precise, and accurate data across the organization.

Today’s asset manager typically operates across multiple jurisdictions and trades across a multitude of constantly evolving asset classes. Finding a single solution that provides a complete end-to-end trade flow is much more difficult than it sounds.

To automate the trade flows across multiple front-office solutions, managers need advanced technology and expertise that design automated workflows and remove manual massaging, cleansing, and grouping of data sources. Just as importantly, middle- and back-office systems must be highly interoperable and provide full support across every asset class.

The industry-leading middle- to back-office solutions from SS&C automate and streamline disparate solutions. For more than 30 years, our experts have leveraged the world’s best state-of-the-art technology to help our clients achieve better results.

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