A better approach to carrier enrollment data exchange

By: Ben Wahlberg

Many companies are looking for a service that translates, transforms, and transmits employee benefit files into the correct carrier specifications.

BenefiX from SS&C is the answer.

A cloud-based service, BenefiX easily transmits data from an enrollment platform to an organization’s insurance carriers. For example, through our direct integration with Oracle HCM Cloud, employer groups can now use BenefiX to send enrollment files.

BenefiX offers the same capabilities to any enrollment platform that can send through its single, standards-based input format. This enables the benefits admin team to spend less time building connection adapters and writing specific code and more time focusing on other business development goals.

Data exchange is IT intensive and companies need programmers to write custom applications for each file based on the unique specifications of that particular carrier. BenefiX revolutionizes this time-consuming and inefficient approach with its completely automated solution.

With a library of more than 300 existing adapters, BenefiX already has connections to the most widely used insurance carriers across the U.S. In addition, new adapters can be built for organizations that work with obscure carriers.

Your organization no longer needs to write custom applications in order to send employee benefits management data to your partners. With a single standards-based API, your data can be sent to any vendor in the BenefiX library of pre-built integration adapters.

You do not need to learn a vendor’s proprietary or “standard” ANSI X.12 834 format; BenefiX simply receives your data through its standard API and performs all of the transformation, translation, and transmission for you.

In addition, BenefiX uses robust security and quality assurance measures to protect employee information and ensure that files are transmitted. This includes run-time monitors to ensure that appropriate employee population is received by BenefiX, and that all necessary amount structure information is appropriately passed to the carrier.

BenefiX also generates comprehensive summary reports of the data being sent to your carriers, including number of employees and dependents processed and number of employees enrolled by plan and by product for each file sent to the carrier(s).

To learn how BenefiX can eliminate manual complexity in your benefits administration and automate your data transmission, download our brochure, request more information or a demonstration, or contact bwahlberg@sscinc.com