Financial institutions choose private hosting rather than public cloud

By: Marcus Jones

It’s likely that your firm has already moved operational infrastructure to either a private hosting environment or a public cloud service provider. Maybe discussions are still taking place, weighing the benefits of service migration.

Some argue that hosting with a public cloud saves more money versus using a private hosting provider. However, when you do the math, total cost of ownership economics actually swing in favor of private cloud. Ancillary costs and the need to grow and retain specialized staff (e.g. software licenses, operational support and cloud expertise, enhanced monitoring, storage management increases, etc.) compound expense and complexity quickly.

Are public cloud service providers knowledgeable about the intricacies of the business applications they host and how the data is used? No. They provide infrastructure as a service but will not have the deep application knowledge nor business context that a SaaS provider with extensive industry expertise can provide. The challenge is to find a secure hosting solution provider that understands the nuances of managing financial services data - SS&C is that provider.

Hosting services from SS&C provide:

  • Increased efficiencies throughout your operations: we have the technical expertise to design, execute, and maintain a fully automated daily and nightly workflow to enable smoother nightly batch cycles for the reliable processing that you need,
  • Reduced overhead, operational risk, and IT costs: our experienced, global technical team manages and maintains your technical environment so you can focus on your core competencies
  • Confidence that your data is protected from loss and business failure: the SS&C data centers provide you with 24/7 access to the same world-class technology and business IT solutions relied on by some of the world’s most data-sensitive clients
  • Consistent, high service standards: with client-driven service level agreements and monthly reporting, we continually monitor service levels to ensure they exceed your expectations

SS&C has dedicated, experienced staff that manages your technical environment and batch processing for you, so you can focus on delivering value to your clients. Our staff has the experience and tenure to understand and handle all processes, including server management, database administration, disaster recovery, and 24 hour technical support staffing. We ensure the highest level of database integrity and system availability with continuous monitoring of servers and networks and high availability access to data and applications.

For more information on how the SS&C hosting services can improve your operational infrastructure, increase application efficiencies, and reduce data management overhead, download our brochure, request more information, or email