Industry-leading performance and attribution tool does it all

By: Tongjai Lertphaisan

Have you been in a situation where you have all sort of data scattered around, and you find it difficult to scrub all the necessary data to obtain a performance ratio? Have you found the process of determining the source of performance and creating meaningful reports for end clients lengthy? Would it be easier if there is a reporting tool that allows you to plug in all the data, determine the source of risk and return in your investment strategy, calculate the accurate performance measurement and attribution across investment types, and export risk analysis?

SS&C Technologies offers a performance and attribution reporting tool that allows multi-dimensional views of portfolio data to be created on the fly. It provides real-time interrogation and comparisons and a pleasant user experience with easy-to-use navigation menus, fonts, charts, and dashboards for maximum productivity.

Our industry-leading tool provides dedicated analytics engines for performance measurement and attribution that cover a wide range of asset classes for extensible data model creation. With sophisticated built-in reporting and dashboarding capabilities, each and every firm can completely tailor its own business components in its specific reporting requirement.

With a flexible integration framework, the SS&C Technologies solution is designed to integrate with any inbound and outbound system with connectivity to industry standard message and data formats. It also manages data validation, transaction, and enrichment so all you need to worry about is the investment.

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