Are your client reports keeping up with your clients’ demand?

By: Matthew Mancini

The results of a recent SS&C poll of attendees at the New York and London Summit for Asset Management conferences find that 100 percent of respondents agree that client reporting is important, and the majority (75.5 percent) stress that it is extremely important to their firms' acquisition and retention strategies.

Despite the impact of reporting's role on business, the study reveals that creating reports is primarily achieved via manual processes (31 percent), followed by a developed in-house system (28 percent), a vendor system (26 percent), line of business system (7 percent), and outsourcing to a third party (8 percent).

The survey confirms that with today’s client demand for easy access to account data and transparency, client communications has emerged as a critical function for investment management firms. Surprisingly, many firms still use manual processes that result in outputs that are not personalized to the client’s needs and can lead to a decrease in client retention.

There are many reasons why investment management firms decide to partner with a firm like SS&C for their client communications. Below are some of the top reasons we have heard from our clients:

  1. SS&C creates customized reports efficiently and effectively, saving time and money; our clients no longer need to involve IT resources when responding to their clients’ requests
  2. No more erroneous reports; our state-of-the-art processes check data quality prior to report distribution
  3. We provide online access to customized reports so clients can read them from anywhere at any time

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