Deliver superior client communications with Vision FI

By: Mike Kendall

The Vision FI client communications platform from SS&C helps investment managers navigate the many changes in today’s investment management landscape through superior client communications.

The Vision FI platform:

  1. Empowers the business user
  2. Vision FI from SS&C is a revolutionary client communications platform that designs, produces, and distributes both online and printed communications. Our clients use intuitive interfaces to build templates, interact with batch-produced content through exceptions-based workflows, and distribute content across a range of delivery end points (e.g. print, email, and online). Vision FI enables users to address the range of investment data and context investment demanded by clients. Users build comprehensive, consistent reporting content with drag and drop functionality, making it easy to respond to customizations and one-off requests without involving the IT department. It also provides utility across the organization beyond client communications.

  3. Provides faster ‘time-to-market’ for content
  4. Many asset managers employ labor-intensive, error-prone manual processes in their client reporting, marketing content, and ad-hoc reporting activities. Vision FI produces content in volume, and can customize when required. This is what we refer to as mass customization, and it’s the essence of the solution’s value proposition. Design templates for print content can also be used for interactive on-screen content deployed through the Vision FI fully integrated web portal. This results in faster time-to-market with client communications across digital and print channels, all from a single design source and fully integrated platform.

  5. Simplifies the process with one single platform for all reports
  6. Typically, there are multiple reporting point solutions and accounting and risk & performance systems, etc. and they all have inherent reporting features. Vision FI facilitates the convergence of data from these disparate systems for unified reporting. It creates quarterly client reports, factsheets, product and service pitch books, board reporting, and process management reporting. Its fully integrated portal building and publication solution allows all reports designed for print to be used as interactive, onscreen reporting.

Vision FI ensures superior communications to all stakeholders and audiences through seamless reporting of content in all forms.

To learn more, read our most recent client reporting industry survey, watch the Facebook Live video from the SS&C Vision FI conference,  download our whitepaper, Modernizing client communications: Choosing the right technology to meet your clients’ demands, or email