Flexible Learning Solutions for Your Organization

E-learning can be a valuable solution to this problem. If your instructor is coming to give a lecture on current issues in risk management, for example, you'll want everyone in the room to have a solid background in the fundamentals so the instructor can talk about dynamic issues in the marketplace and discuss particular case studies with the class.

If your challenge is ensuring employees have a way to reinforce what they learned in the live training session, e-learning can solve that problem as well. After the training session is over, attendees can go back to their desk and have access to courses which go over the material in a private setting, so they can brush up on what they missed, or simply play with some online simulations or exercises to ensure they've mastered the concepts addressed in the live session. Unlike a classroom session which has a fixed beginning and end, online learning can be available 24/7 for any length of time.

Online courses from Zoologic Learning Solutions are designed to work well as standalone training as well as components of larger training programs. All courses are modular "building blocks" that can be arranged as needed. We consider this service a critical part of our offering and would be happy to talk to you about tailoring a program specifically to your requirements.