The decision to go with an ASP

The successes and failures in building outsourcing relationships have created enough case study experience to shift the dichotomy towards the practicality and success of such ventures. Let's explore the virtues of outsourcing, particularly those associated with migrating key applications towards an ASP relationship.

The Outsourcing Institute has surveyed the marketplace and has published its list of top 10 reasons why companies outsource:

1. Reduce and control operating costs
2. Improve company focus
3. Gain access to world-class capabilities
4. Free internal resources for other purposes
5. Resources are not available internally
6. Accelerate reengineering benefits
7. Function difficult to manage/out of control
8. Make capital funds available
9. Share risks
10. Cash infusion

The old cliché, "Focus on your core competency", is a driving force in outsourcing decisions. There is a tremendous amount of depth to this. A trading operation is in business to make money by buying low and selling high. In order to be successful, focus is purely on the market and execution at the right time. Any aspect of the day to day that distracts from this purpose is counter-productive and quantifiably adverse. This is the same for the associated cost centers that exist to provide timely and efficient support to enhance profitability.

SS&C's clients include some of the largest and most well-recognized entities in the financial services industry. Our clients manage, in the aggregate, over $7 trillion in assets and choose SS&C as their preferred vendor because we offer the following benefits:

Broad Range of Options: Our solutions can be delivered via license, BPO services, ASP solutions or blended solutions, allowing clients to take advantage of our technology in the manner best suited to their specific needs.

Cost-Effective Outsourcing Solutions: SS&C's outsourcing solutions are easily and rapidly deployed, allowing clients to realize cost savings while meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing industry and regulatory environment.

Deep Vertical Market Expertise: The depth and breadth of our experience enables us to provide advanced analytical tools tailored to the unique requirements of particular industry segments or asset classes.

Scalability and Flexibility: We provide highly scalable and flexible solutions, regardless of client size, organizational structure or number of portfolios, securities types, asset classes, accounting methods or regulatory regimes.

End-to-End Solutions: Our solutions provide integration of front-end trading and modeling – straight through to portfolio management, compliance, performance measurement, and reporting – to back-office processing, clearing and accounting.

Global Presence: SS&C is strategically positioned in the global financial services marketplace, with a presence in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Australia, allowing us to better serve the needs of our international clients.