Who Needs Training and Why?

You've heard the clichés. "In today's fast-changing marketplace, knowledge is power." "Skills development is essential as employees must be flexible and adaptable in order to survive." Undoubtedly true, but while these are perhaps the most fashionable justifications for career training, they're not at all the only ones.

As adult professionals, we're learning and seeking answers to our questions all the time. This is not just true for the employee who fears downsizing or is asked to assume new responsibilities; it is true for all of us. Even if you did an advanced professional degree such as an MBA, you'll constantly find yourself coming up against a topic in the news or brought up during a meeting that you don't have a full understanding of. You have a wealth of information at your fingertips, of course, via Google and other tools of the information age. But when it's time to attain more than "cocktail chatter" knowledge on a topic, you'll need the more formalized rigor of a training course.

Online learning can provide the best of both worlds – the at-your-fingertips benefits of an Internet search combined with the discipline and organization of a well-designed course. When selecting an e-learning course, you will want to find a provider that you trust, which has been consistently ranked as providing extremely high-quality, relevant content delivered in a format designed to encourage knowledge retention.

We encourage you to talk to us today about how Zoologic Learning Solutions can provide exactly the experience you're looking for. And remember that training can be even more fun than eating your vegetables.