Incorporating E-Learning Into Your Learning Program

The first rule is to pay close attention to the advantages and disadvantages of the medium. If you want a small group of people to discuss case studies and engage in dialogues with an individual with very specific experience in an area, obviously e-learning is not going to be your first choice. However, if you want the participants of a session like this to walk into it with the best possible grounding in core skills and methodologies that will serve as a baseline for the discussion, e-learning might well be the best way to accomplish this.

The second rule relates to the execution of the online course. We believe that e-learning teaches core skills very well. It also affords the ability to practice those skills using exercises and simulations. Unfortunately, many providers view e-learning as beneficial only because of its relatively low price and low production costs, leading to a sub-par learning experience. Be aware that e-learning that looks like a static slide presentation is emphatically not leveraging the medium of the Internet to the best of its ability, and learners will suffer as a result.

There are other factors in the decision-making and rollout of a high-quality learning program, of course, and SS&C's Zoologic Learning Solutions team would be pleased to help you determine if e-learning is indeed the right solution for you, and how to implement it. Our business has been built on delivering the right material for the right audience in the right context. By working with us, you can leverage our reputation and feel confident you're using e-learning to its maximum advantage.