We Don't Like Math

Not too many of us are called to set up a complicated financial model in Excel to value a credit default swap, for example. Our actual jobs might have nothing to do with pricing, modeling, or valuations of any sort.

However, the reality is that anyone who cashes a paycheck (or looks at a direct deposit statement) lives and dies by the mathematics that underpins our jobs. Whether your company is publicly traded and subject to daily fluctuations in stock price, or privately held, we are all subject to the same principles of finance, and we ignore them at our peril. Employees whose careers thrive in an organization are the same ones who understand where their jobs fit into the bigger picture, and can speak intelligently about their firm's latest earnings statement, or the message from the CEO about new directions for the business.

The daily grind might not allow us to take a three-day seminar brushing up on basic financial skills. And we might not always want to admit publicly that we don't actually understand what the impact of a tightening housing market is going to have to do with what bonuses look like this year. It would be great if there were a way to gain some of these skills in a private, non-threatening environment.

This is precisely why online learning from SS&C's Zoologic Learning Solutions might be your best bet. You can choose from short, modular courses on more than 200 topics to brush up on subjects ranging from how to read a cash flow statement to understanding your latest mutual fund performance report. And don't fear the math. Zoologic's renowned teaching methods ensure you'll be up to speed in no time on the topic of your choosing, without having to stand in front of a chalkboard working out a tough problem in front of an audience. We promise.